shawn bodden

Hi! I’m a PhD researcher in geography at the University of Edinburgh. I use ethnographic, collaborative and arts-based methods to study community experiences of social and political problems and the projects people get up to to fix them.


Gathering Places

[description of topic] the practices through which people work together to make good, bettter, free, welcoming, pleasant, cool, nice, special, ‘our’ spaces

[conceptual issue] how do people get ideas, find resources, make compromises, disagree, negotiate the sense of a shared (a community’s, and its members’) well-being and betterment 

[making space for one another (or not)]

here elaborate on some of the arguments that I develop within my thesis on, variously, fit, inspiration, crews, projects
this will be the space that speaks to a more specific audience beyond the brief introductions above, and the following portions will be more ‘exampler’ in so far as they show specific methods, publications, etc. characteristic of my work/ways of working

[zine workshops and Tarot decks: creative methods for gathering together]

a. discuss zines as an alternative kind of publication subject to different standards, materialities, processes, circulations; b. even more important is the different spatialities of zine-making and the mode of gathering around making, making-together, learning from each other, constructive socialities; c. my own use of zines during fieldwork and experiments with other media such as decks of cards, boardgames, comics


[publications, presentations, read-more-here’s]

add in link to City, workshop recors online (Zalaegerszeg?), Botanic Concrete, other public reports?

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