shawn bodden

Hi! I’m a PhD researcher in geography at the University of Edinburgh. I use ethnographic, collaborative and arts-based methods to study community experiences of social and political problems and the projects people get up to to fix them.


Multi-species mingling

Pigeons, urban birds, animal-feeding, animals in public space, animals in private space, more-than-human publics, shared and conflicting interests and the practical, embodied and interactive processes through which humans and non-humans negotiate life among other species: how do we make space for each other, or not, why, when, and on what grounds? 🐓️

[pigeon videos, genres of public interaction]

People feed pigeons, but how do they do it? And how do pigeons negotiate the possible perils of proximity to humans? What do they do to make life together possible?

More-than-human publics

The different needs, interests, feelings, socialities and embodied abilities of humans, pigeons and other animals leads to moments of surprising conflict and conviviality. Thinking through the dynamics of living with difference can be rewarding precisely because it so familiar, yet so surprising.
Things like ‘playing’ with pigeons, riding metros, feeding birds, sitting in public change when the world is more-than-human. 

[links to publications + future plans]

- winged geographies blod and presentation
- EMCA presentations
- future plans: two papers in draft, 1 considering the tensions of treating non-humans as ‘members’ (for EMCA audience), and 1 exploring multi-species geographies of public space through the interactions of birds and humans in public parks.