shawn bodden

Hi! I’m a PhD researcher in geography at the University of Edinburgh. I use ethnographic, collaborative and arts-based methods to study community experiences of social and political problems and the projects people get up to to fix them.


“Long live Budapest!”

The creation of Central & Eastern Europe (CEES) as a region and regional identity is caught up in the relationships, memories, practices and materialities of shifting landscapes. Whether discussing ‘transition’ or ‘migration’ or ‘illiberalism’ or ‘tradition’, entangled and ongoing geographies of living together come into view.

[broader issues to consider]

Relationships between transition, ruination, inhabitation, tourism, memory, politics and place, museums, cultural institutions

[an example]

postcards from the future project in Zalaegerszeg:
- cerative project serves as occasion to speak to people
- discussions of the city’s future representation become reflections on its current changes and conflicts
- light-box collage

[links to public work, publications]

- book review
- zala residency
- tarot deck
- additional?