shawn bodden

Hi! I’m a PhD researcher in geography at the University of Edinburgh. I use ethnographic, collaborative and arts-based methods to study community experiences of social and political problems and the projects people get up to to fix them.


The practical accomplishment of disagreement, resistance, and alternatives to the status quo

Politics as a practical concern

What do people do when they’ve had enough? How do they decide? How do crowds form, march, part ways, conflict? How does anyone decide that this is it, that this time things are different?
[para. outlining my own approach]
embodied, contingent accomplishments; respecifying affect; passionate rationalities of action; pragmatic geographies

Entangled evaluations

What becomes part of the problem? What goes untouched? A key aspect of the practical work of making or breaking a protest involves interpreting landscapes of possibility: a speculative and ad hoc negotiation of what can be done here-and-now as an “actual point of departure”.

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