shawn bodden

Hi! I’m a PhD researcher in geography at the University of Edinburgh. I use ethnographic, collaborative and arts-based methods to study community experiences of social and political problems and the projects people get up to to fix them.


Work in Progress

intro paragraph - practices and processes through which people undertake to improve, reconstruct, build otherwise their world?

[ML Ukeles on Repair + further reflections on repair as work]
In this space mark a shift from thinking about repair, cleaning, maintenance as a labout, and turn focus onto the processes through which a successful repair is ‘accomplished’

[example, a ‘good enough’ brick]

the story about the golyasok, the renovation, finding a good enough brick to build a community cenre, but also to advance a progressive politics.

[links to publications and public doc]

--> include stuff from/about the Tool Library
--> mention the summer school in Porto